Acupuncture and Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee, member of the Register of Exercise Professionals

Acupuncture and Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee, member of the Acupuncture Society

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Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee
Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee
Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee
Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee
Pilates Hayling Island with Elaine Slee

How Pilates Works

Pilates is a series of exercises first created by Joseph Pilates. It combines core strengthening techniques with spinal mobility movements.

The effect is to improve posture, protect the spine, elongate muscles and promote good co-ordination. What's not to like?

Anyone can do the exercises regardless of how fit you are (or are not) and regardless of what other physical activities, if any, that you do. The exercises are carried out at different levels and it is always heartening to see how people progress relatively quickly as they build confidence.

Having a few initial 1:1 lessons before you join a larger class is recommended in order to become familiar with the techniques and phraseology used so that you don't feel lost in a class situation. 

It is particularly helpful for back pain conditions - which is how it helped me.

Individual lessons can be arranged at my clinics or at home. I will carry out a postural assessment, find out about your lifestyle and prepare a tailored programme to suit your needs. We would carry that through for as long as you wanted.

More and more professional sportspeople are incorporating Pilates into their regular training activities - rugby players and tennis champions for example. Dancers have used it for years.

What to Expect

For Pilates, wear what you would normally wear for the gym or a studio class - a T-shirt and trackie bottoms will be fine.

When we first meet for a 1:1 appointment, I will talk through some of your medical history so far as is it relevant to the level of exercise you need and what you want to achieve from Pilates. I check your posture and flexibility then put together a programme to suit your needs.

Each subsequent session lasts an hour and we continue meeting for subsequent lessons for as long as you want to. If you want 2 or 3 lessons so that you can later join a class at a gym, that is ideal. If you want to continue with lessons indefinitely because it suits your lifestyle or condition, that is fine too. You are in control.


Every Wednesday 10:00am to 11:00am at North Hayling Recreation Hall, St. Peter’s Road, Northney, Hayling Island.

Every Thursday 8:45am to 9:45am, and then 10:00am to 11:00am at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Church Road, Hayling Island (opposite St. Mary’s Church).

The classes are on a first come, first served basis rather than booking in advance. Most people who come to the classes prefer it that way. They can be busy at certain periods of the year, and I won’t have more than 12 maximum at one time. This is partly because of space in the halls and also because I need to see how people are doing. 

The cost is £7.00 for a drop in, or £30.00 for 6 classes over 2 months, paid in advance.


"In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference and in thirty you'll have a new body." Joseph Pilates

And for prevaricators like me, the Nike campaign has some good advice; "Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it."

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