“Having a treatment from Elaine feels as good as having a week’s holiday!” AD, Hayling.

“I suffered with extreme back pain for several years and had lost all confidence in attempts to control or improve the pain having used several pain killers and medical treatments, eg. injection into joint. My next option was to consider acupuncture treatment and with some internet and local search I found Elaine Slee. I went to see Elaine with an open mind and following an initial discussion we agreed to approach two issues; one my back pain and the other anxiety. During my initial visit I felt extremely comfortable, confident and at ease with Elaine. She is an extremely friendly and professional lady who knows her stuff! This positive feeling continued and after my first two sessions I was genuinely feeling much better – my back pain had improved and I was certainly feeling more relaxed. After my 4th visit things continued to improve – back pain better and felt more relaxed about life in general – actually went on holiday with zero levels of anxiety. Elaine’s contact details remain in my diary for future reference if I should need her. I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment I have received from such a professional and kind person.”  AG, Hayling Island

“I decided to work with Elaine to reduce stress levels with a view to becoming pregnant again, as despite trying, nothing was happening for longer than we had anticipated.

After only a few sessions I became pregnant and have had the easiest pregnancy and birth.

Elaine was very knowledgable and I found this very interesting and I would highly recommend working with Elaine.

Thank you for your assistance Elaine in our new little bundle of loveliness.” A & R, Fishbourne

“I am so glad I found you.” IE, Hayling Island

“Elaine is very professional, calm, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. I felt she tailored each treatment to my individual needs.” SK, Hayling Island

“I visited Elaine with quite severe frozen shoulder, in both shoulders. I could not thread my belt into my trousers and really struggled to put a jacket on. Elaine suggested 4 appointments which I had over a period of two weeks, after the last appointment the symptoms were greatly improved and over the following weeks pretty much disappeared. I would highly recommend Elaine for any issues where acupuncture could help. I had previously been on quite strong tablets from my doctor for several months with no improvement.” BH, Hayling Island

“There is a lovely lady called Elaine. She is amazing. She gave me acupuncture last year for menopause which lasted from last November until now [June] so I went back for a top up. I would highly recommend her.” DA, Hayling Island

“After years of suffering, I was finally diagnosed with Migraine Related Vertigo in August 2015. I was prescribed a number of different tablets by consultants but nothing seemed to work, in fact the majority made me feel more nauseous and dizzy than the actual vertigo. I was then referred to a therapist specialising in Western acupuncture. After the first session I noticed a real difference and I continued with this therapy for a number of months. However, after a while, my symptoms came back and on some occasions, were worse than before. Since I had shown an initial good reaction to acupuncture, the therapist advised me to see a therapist specialising in Chinese acupuncture – and that is how I met Elaine. The difference with Elaine is that she treats your whole body, not just the problem you first approach her with. I started off seeing Elaine every week, then every fortnight and now I mostly see her once a month. The difference the treatment has made to me has been incredible. I am happier, calmer, less stressed and most importantly, my migraines and vertigo are under control and I haven’t had an episode for a number of months. A lot of my problems relate back to stress and Elaine was more than happy to show me little tips on how to control stress-related problems at home. Elaine is kind, calm and non-judgemental. You feel that you can tell her anything, in fact, the more you tell her, the better she can treat you. Based on the information you provide, Elaine will explain where she will place each needle and what the needle should achieve. There are no surprises and Elaine is very gentle – just relax and let the needles do their work. I recently had a review with my GP and she was really impressed with the progress I had made over the past 8 months. She was delighted that I had found a therapist that was healing me not just physically but mentally as well. I hope to come off my medication over the next few months, but I will continue my acupuncture indefinitely.

So, if you feel that prescription drugs are not working, or like me, you don’t like taking prescription medication, open your mind to acupuncture. Elaine will not disappoint you.” Michelle, Wimbledon

“I can’t thank you enough for your help.” RS, Waterlooville

“Thought you might like to see this pic of Rupert and Thomas, now six months old and full of beans! Thanks again for your support in my pregnancy/early days!” KR, SW London

“After several years suffering with back pain I visited Elaine to see if acupuncture could offer any relief. After my first visit I felt in very safe hands, and hopeful that something could be done.  This was a big deal as I’d pretty much concluded a ‘bad back’ was something I was just going to have to live with.  By my third visit I could already feel great relief.  After several more visits I could truly say the pain had gone.  Acupuncture worked for me!” GH, Wimbledon

“Thank you for being part of my journey.” CA, SW London

“I have been treated with acupuncture by Elaine throughout my IVF treatments. Elaine has always been really compassionate, available, and helpful. The IVF and early pregnancy was closely monitored and supported by Elaine. Getting my cycle into shape, reducing back pains, controlling anxiety and stress were amongst the many symptoms/issues treated.  I cannot recommend Elaine enough.” Sandra Lehane, SW15

“I was sceptical about acupuncture but it was recommended to me. It’s like a miracle! I did not expect it to work.” JM, SW19

“2 of my lovely acupuncture patients came to visit and brought their little miracles which the magic needles helped to make.” Elaine Slee

“With all the day to day stresses and strains, acupuncture rebalances me. Just as a massage can relieve you of stress, acupuncture seems to have a more lasting impact. When I had a really bad virus in the past and doctors said there was nothing more they could do, acupuncture really helped. It helped shift the virus and build up my immune system. I also used acupuncture years ago to give up smoking. Haven’t smoked for more than 8 years as a result.

Elaine has a really lovely style and approach which makes you feel completely relaxed when having acupuncture. I definitely feel in a better place after one of her sessions – more balanced and relaxed and able to take on the day to day stresses!” SF, Wimbledon


“I enjoy it more than I thought I would, but you are a good teacher and a nice person so that makes all the difference.” AD, Hayling Island

“We are going to miss you so much, you have been by far one of our best teachers and I have really benefited from you teaching.” HA, SW19

“Thank you for the fantastic Pilates classes.” SQ, SW19

“I wanted to let you know that the members loved your class. One member in particular made a big point of telling me what a lovely person you are and that you have such a nice way in the way you teach.” AM, Raynes Park

“You are a natural and effective teacher.” CW, Pilates teacher trainer

“I continue with Elaine’s Pilates classes and these have allowed me to maintain good posture and core strength and help me avoid triggering further back problems. I can only say that Elaine gives the same high level of care and professionalism to Pilates as she does to acupuncture.” GH, Wimbledon 

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